Search Marketing Experience

This is a high level overview of what we can offer in an SEO engagement. This can be applied to an existing website or one that is to be created internally.

Competitive research

  • Target keyword analysis
  • Identify key content
  • Identify obstacles present
  • Competitive ranking report
  • Competitive backlink strategy analysis

On-Page SEO Elements

  • Website architecture
    • Common search engine obstacles
    • Code compliance
    • Section 508 compliance
  • Targeted ¬†On-Page SEO elements
    • Titles
    • Meta-Data
    • Header Tags
    • Content optimization
    • Content creation
    • Internal hyperlinks
    • ALT Text
  • nternational Optimization (Need to discuss this one)

Off-Page SEO Elements

  • Backlink strategies
    • Link baiting strategies
    • Premium link placement (Need to discuss this one too)
  • Social network strategies
    • Social bookmarking
    • Viral content strategies
    • Blog strategies (Need to discuss this one too)
  • Digital Asset Optimization
    • Video optimization
    • Article optimization
    • Press release optimization

Tracking and analysis

  • Review organic traffic reports
  • Review organic conversion reports
  • Produce keyword ranking reports
  • Provide strategic insight on all reports