Today every business person needs to have a sense of measurable return on investment with marketing activities. Whether your business goals are user acquisition, evangelism, Pageviews, sales revenue, event participation, brand awareness, affinity or whatever, Searchleap is here to help.

Depending on your business priorities, goals and needs, our services may include the following:

SEO Audit & Benchmarking

Benchmarking your current website’s SEO performance provides valuable insight into your business, customers and future website’s needs. It helps us to make informed decisions about how to improve your website’s design, development, content and all around SEO. An audit also provides a clear snapshot for determining the ROI for ongoing SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Consultation

Search engine optimization is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It requires ongoing work to see great results. Our SEO consultation arrangement means that we both dedicate the right amount of time, resources and energy needed to ensure success.

Design & Development Assurance

Good search engine optimization starts with good design and development. From planning to launch, Searchleap becomes an integral part of your site design and development team, We ensure that your new site is highly indexable and visible to search engines from the start.

Paid Digital Strategy & Management

Paid Advertising not only enables a consistent stream of visitors that are looking for your services, but also provides immediate feedback for search terms and visibility to specific, niche topics that may prove difficult for SEO.

Social Media Management

How often are your Social Media channels being updated? Is the content creative and engaging? Are your posts supporting your brand and driving ROI? If you feel there is room for improvement with your Social Media, Searchleap can help.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among others, are great ways for companies to build brand awareness, improve SEO and engage with their customers. Additionally, using Social Media can help determine specific target audiences and their demographics.

Searchleap can help your business have a Social Media account that brings the buzz, warms the brand and turns passive lookers into active participants.